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A Brief History of Montauk, NY

The Montauketts Native American tribe lived on the island of Montauk approximately 400 years ago. This peaceful tribe of hunters, fishermen, and farmers mark the beginning of Montauk’s rich history—a history that attracted New York holistic dentist Dr. Lewis Gross … Continue reading

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Tango: The Ultimate Couples’ Dance

Thanks to the growing popularity of ballroom dancing on television (Dancing with the Stars, anyone?), the Tango is one of the most popular couples’ dances around. Maybe that’s why it’s the perfect subject of dancing dentist Dr. Lewis Gross’ novel … Continue reading

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Montauk: The End

Last week, we talked about how Montauk, New York, is the self-proclaimed surfcasting capital of the world. Today, Tribeca holistic dentist and Tango-dancing Montauk frequenter Dr. Lewis Gross wants to take a look at what makes Montauk such a great … Continue reading

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The Surfcasting Capital of the World

Did you know that Montauk is the self-proclaimed Surfcasting Capital of the World? Maybe that’s why it’s the perfect setting for Dr. Lewis Gross’ novel Montauk Tango! What is Surfcasting? Also known as surffishing and beachcasting, surfcasting is the sport … Continue reading

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Tango and the Married Man

“This story is really for all you metro, middle-aged men with working wives, weekend marriages, and wayward children, or at least two out of three. We are the Rapt Generation of husbands. It is no longer sufficient for me to … Continue reading

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The Perfect Setting: The 668 Gig Shack, Montauk, NY

In his book, Montauk Tango, Dr. Lewis Gross tells the powerful story of a family who owns and operates The 668 Gig Shack, a relaxing seafood restaurant in Montauk, NY. So just how great is this restaurant? Great enough for … Continue reading

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Montauk Tango at The Edgar Awards

Dr. Lewis Gross was spotted at The 65th annual Edgar Awards Gala Banquet in New York City on April 28th, amid the company of some of the world’s top mystery writers.  SpineTingler Magazine online dubbed him, “one of the best dressed men” at … Continue reading

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