Tango and the Married Man

“This story is really for all you metro, middle-aged men with working wives, weekend marriages, and wayward children, or at least two out of three. We are the Rapt Generation of husbands. It is no longer sufficient for me to bring home the bacon, mow the lawn, and slap the ball. Now we have to cook the bacon and slap the sausage, as the women are busy making the bread. Wake up, guys, and smell the doughnuts. The world is still round, but we’re no longer the center. We’ve become the hole in the doughnut.”

Dancing: For Men, Too

The quote above, while a little abstract, is the leading quote of the chapter entitled “Tango and the Married Man” in Dr. Lewis Gross’ book Montauk Tango. Throughout the novel, Gross discusses his love for tango and uses it as a metaphor for life. In his opinion, all people can benefit from dancing–even the most masculine, “head honcho” type of men.

Here’s a list of five of the many reasons why dancing is beneficial for everyone, men included:

  • Of course, dancing is a physical activity, which means that is burns calories. Depending on your dance moves, just half an hour of dancing can burn at least 200 calories, and everyone benefits from a little exercise.
  • It’s difficult to dance to just one song, so, over time, dancing helps you build endurance. When you dance for an extended period of time, your heart rate rises and, in turn, your stamina and endurance will increase (and have a positive effect on your cardiovascular system).
  • Dancing is a very social activity, so it’s no question that dancing, whether by joining a dance class or just dancing for fun at your local dance club, will increase your level of social interaction. You never know where you may run into people you’ve met while dancing and, when you do, the ice will already be broken.
  • Dancing is a physical activity, but dance routines require memory and coordination. The more dances you learn, the harder these parts of your brain need to work, which improves these skills, as well as the mind-body connection.
  • While it technically is a matter of opinion, most people would agree that dancing is just plain fun. To help reduce stress, relax, and let loose, try to dance (a natural mood elevator) at least one a week.

As you can see, dancing is beneficial for everyone, so grab a partner and take a cue from Montauk Tango.

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